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Upping sticks

As it looks like we will be leaving Japan in a matter of months, I will be posting up a few pictures of the things that make it very hard to do so, and possibly a few links to the wb pages of people who deserve your attention.
It’s time to get tattooed up and ship out to China!
Yokohama forever.



Right, it looks like I’ve got this thing up and running.  Basically, my intention is to show you some things that you may or may not have seen before. By “you” I mean my friends, family, friends of friends, friends of family, acquaintances, and my spiritual family  crew  brothers and sisters gaggle of assorted nob heads.

Just for the record, I will not be typing little smiley faces, frowney faces, winking faces or any other kind of face designed to convey emotions that i cannot be arsed to convey through writing. The English language has a vocabulary of such epic proportions that anybody (even me, with my limited grasp of the written word) would be hard pressed not to be able to express an emotion without having to resort to a tiny little sideways  cartoon face made up of punctuation devices. As you can see, I will be using long, grammatically incorrect sentences instead.

This is also the first and last time you will witness “LOL”, “LMAO”, “ROFLMAO” or other such devilry on any written or typed page of mine. Rest assured that something is funny, I will be laughing. If something is meant to be a joke, it will simply be a joke. In fact, if you just assume anything typed on this page is a joke, then we won’t be having any ugly misunderstandings, will we? Solid.

Alexander James Chislington Palmer Albright III. 

ICHAP for life, B.O.T.C for death. 









More spots.

found this little gem last year, but somehow forgot about it until last weekend when i wandered down to my old neighbourhood.



A few spots what i likes. More soon.