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Fyyyyyyyyyy Toooooooooooh!

I’ve been meaning to post up a lot more interesting things on here, but recently I find myself wrapped up in a multitude of other tasks. I’m supposed to be making prearations to leave Japan, Illustrating a graphic novel for my mate(that’s a comic to you an’ me), designing a logo for my brother in law (sorry about the delay on that one), finding out how to edit video footage, learning to spell, and posting up various bits of nonsense on this blog. So far I have acheived absolutely bugger all.  In fact, after losing all my rough designs for the logo while packing, I have actually acheived less than nothing. I have been drinking far too many apple chu-hi’s though, which may account for my inactivity. It certainly accounts for my increasing paranoia about bowell cancer.

Have a look at these if you don’t know them already:



Last night Blaze pipe held their annual mini ramp jam. It was bloody excellent as usual, a real example of what skate competitions can and should be. Fun was had by all, people brought their families, friends and pets along, curry and beer was consumed in large amounts and I fell over. A lot. I was feeling supersonic, and as such felt obliged to drink gin and tonic. Unfortunately I neglected to consider the fact that there is always an open session after the competition and being, as far as I know, the only British man in attendance I would be duty bound to represent my country. I did this in the classic British style; badly. After suitably embarrassing myself on the miniramp, I decided to give the rest of the jam a miss and wander about treating the locals to my “unique” interpretation of the Japanese language. 


As I said before, The blaze cup is a prime example of a perfect skate jam. No pressure, no showboating, no stunts, no record breaking, no hassle, no attitudes. Skating, eating, drinking, music, good people and good vibes. 

Blaze Pipe is a fantastic shop, Blaze Cup is a fantastic event. Yokohama should be proud of itself. 


This guy was there too, a bloke called Genki from Okinawa. I’d never even heard of him before yesterday, but suffice to say he’ bloody good at what he does.

See? told you. Have a ganders at the MxMxM site if you like.

Magical Mosh Misfits

Bellow are a few pics of the event, enjoy using your eyes on them.

dsc03783Most of my skating pictures are headless due to the concrete beam across the middle of the ramp. Apologies to the decapitated. 

Also, my apologies for the lack of names on the pictures. Some peoples names I just didn’t know, others I just couldn’t be arsed to add details. You know who you are. People who know you know who you are. no problems. 


Visit their site and see who won the competition.  I have no idea. Then, go to their shop and skate:

Blaze pipe website.

And they sell golden virginia. Winner.