Our travels have begun. I left Tokyo by bus this afternoon, feeling emotional. I’m still unsure what the emotion was, but the fact that I’m now sitting in the basement of our hostel in Kawaguchiko under the watchfull gaze of mount Fuji means that the journey back to England has started. It’s minus 2, snowy, and I’ve just had a curry. The town itself is quiet and filled with the type of lippy kids you only find in places with nothing much to do, but I can make out the brooding shapes of some pretty stunning scenery off in the dark. Nothing much else to report, really. It’s still early days yet, but I can feel myself filling with that odd sort of naive positivity I get when I get up off my arse and go to a new place. It’s also the kind of positivity that leaves me unable to write anything much of interest without sounding like a twat.


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