Just a quick one.

Just to let whoever actually checks this blog know; we leave Vietnam tomorrow bound for Cambodia. The journey will be a slow and watery one along the mekong river, and we should arrive in Phnom Penh in two days time. This, of course, means that there is a high chance of me not being able to check or write my blog, potentially for a long time depending on the Internet situation in Cambodia. How will the information super-highway cope without me? Easily.

Anyway, we are currently holed up in the Lovely An Phu Hoi An hotel in Saigon (or Ho Chi Minh city if you work for the Vietnamese government) in possibly the strangest Dorm room I have ever stayed in. Situated on the top floor of the building, commanding a magnificently mediocre view of the imaginatively named “area 1”, almost swallowed in a cacophony of beeping horns and shouts of “you buy hammock!”, it stands proud as a shining definition of the word “afterthought”. Constructed, as it seems to be,  entirely from the leftover pieces of 500 D.I.Y greenhouse kits, it also stands as a more than adequate definition of sustainability. All four walls are glass, the toilet sits proudly in a nook in the corner in possession of a door but no ceiling, and the shower only works below waist height. But I’m not complaining. In fact, I’m sure i could market lying on a plastic coated mattress on the the floor of a glasshouse in 40 degree heat as some kind of weight loss program and make a fortune.

After re-reading my last paragraph, I feel it sounds a little negative. I have had a very good time in the aforementioned dorm room, due in no small part to my co-occupants, and the two seconds of bliss that occur when the oscillating ceiling fan breathes it’s luke warm draft over my sweaty pile of a body.  I have never taken well to the heat.


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