My new thing… communist artwork.

Throughout my travels in Vietnam, I couldn’t help but notice a lot of billboards and posters bearing the kind of imagery I really thought didn’t exist post cultural revolution/soviet union/cold war. Most of these huge posters are positioned along the motorways just outside the major cities and, as such, often have to be photographed from the window of various buses and taxis. There are a lot of these about, and the examples above are by no means the best/most interesting, but so far they are the only pictures I’ve managed to take. Some of the H.I.V prevention posters are pretty intense, featuring lots of needles and withered zombie-like people being restrained by muscle bound arms drawn in the classic angular style associated with communist propaganda. While i don’t claim to understand the messages behind a lot of these billboards, I have to admit that I’m struck by the power of the images. 

And I threw in a picture of a hat and an American soldier falling into a spiked booby trap. They we’re taken at the CuChi tunnels near Saigon. If you don’t know about these tunnels, google them. Or better still, go to the library and do it the old fashioned way. Truly inspiring, but equally unsettling.


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