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It ain’t half hot,mum…

Cambodia is hot. Really hot. For the last few days, I’ve almost entirely abandoned all of my ongoing projects. I tried to draw, and my hand sweated a big hole in the paper. I tried to write, but I couldn’t even string a few simple lines together. I tried to take photos, but my lens got all steamed up. As i type, my slightly reclined position is causing small pools of sweat to collect in the indent above my collar bone, any movement on my part sending it trickling down my chest and belly. Tempers are short, the days are long, and the rainy season seems reluctant to kick in. Cambodia is hot. Really hot.


Reasons why I haven’t slept in a long time:

Osaka: slept on a dog bed.

Shanghai: Mysterious “Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr BOOOOM” noise from the attic.

Wuhan: Fire cracker explosions every hour.

Yichang to ChongQing: Spent two days on a boat with a festival toilet in the corner, being stared at by tree men holding potato sacks full of clothes.

ChongQing: Perpetual racket caused by fighting cats.

Chongqing to Kunming: Night bus with beds designed for midgets.

Kunming: Got drunk.

Lijiang: Got up early to go to tiger leaping gorge.

Tiger leaping Gorge: Stayed up late to look at the stars. Got drunk.

Kunming to the Vietnam border: Night bus designed for slightly smaller midgets.

Vietnam border: Mosquito infested room.

Sapa: Got locked out of the hotel because it closed at 10p.m.

Hanoi: Annoying Australian prick snoring like a dying water buffalo.

Hoi an: Other people got drunk.

Hoi an to Nhatrang: Night bus designed for midgets.

Nhatrang: Too angry to sleep due to theiving moto txi drivers.

Mui ne: Got drunk.

Saigon: Furnace-like room.

Mekong delta: Room looked like something out of a horror movie, complete with blood stains, flies, and a length of bent iron pipe next to the door. I presumed the pipe was for self defence, and accordingly stayed awake in case i needed to use it.

Phnom Pehn: Slept in a bar.

Sihanouk ville: Strange man doing crystal meth on my bed.

Lifetography…holiday in cambodia.

To keep you is no gain, to lose you is no loss…

Possibly one of the most morbid days out I’ve ever had. Yesterday we visited the s21 genocide museum and the killing fields in Phnom Penh. To try and explain the emotions i felt while walking through the cells where thousands of men, women and children fell victim to the paranoia and brutality of the Khmer rouge would be a long and arduous task, so I will save that for my notebook. Suffice to say that I was deeply saddened, but not at all surprised, by yet another example of how unspeakably cruel we are to each other.