Where am I?

Some of you might be wondering exactly where i am at the moment. I doubt it, but you might. The reason for my lack of communication is basically this; while the world outside succumbs to the the choke hold of the global recession, the horror of war, and the terrible scourge of hog flu, i have slipped into the pleasant vortex of lethargy that is south east Asia. My pace of life has slowed to the point where i can barely be bothered to move, let alone walk all the way to the internet cafe to regale you with tales of my adventures. I read a quote the other day that sums it up nicely; “Cambodia is the only place on earth where your to do list has just one thing on it, and you still can’t manage to do it.”
Suffice to say that i will be posting some vaguely interesting things as soon as i get the motivation to leave my hammock, but until that time i’m afraid you’ll have to wait.
Take it easy everybody! I will.


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