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Last weeks Subism at the Quad in Derby…

SubismLogoFollow the link and have a look…

Audio Illustrated


Live in Black and White, Sunday 30th August…

The first time my “name” has ever appeared on a flyer. Come down to the golden fleece in Nottingham on Sunday to see me and Adam Gray (amongst many others) drawing lovely pictures. 

n120721799493_6915Follow the link for more information.

Live In Black and White

And have a wee look at what Adam did last time:

3500219255_d2ac77afd9(his is the massive bear in the corner, obviously.) 

It’s not all about sheds, you know…

It’s also about booze and pens. These are some pictures taken at Subism last weekend. Thank you Adam Gray for helping to ease my “first ever live drawing event” nerves by getting me plastered and writing a naughty word on the lovely picture. Speaking of Adam Gray, check the link at the bottom of the page for his graphic design thing. And check this for Subism: 

BxOxTxC DxIxY diary…

Well then. Things are progressing nicely in the BxOxTxC garden, and the workshop is taking shape slowly but surely. With regards to the clothes, designs are coming in thick and fast and should be displayed here soon for your consideration. I would, once again, like to thank all my friends and family for their support during the last few weeks. It’s been a massive help to have all of you on the other end of the phone to calm me down while i’ve been up to neck in rotting wood and fibre glass. 

So, yeah. Everything is looking positive at the moment. Have a look for your self: 

Its got guttering now, and everything!