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DxIxY Diary…

So, here’s how things are progressing at the moment. The “studio” is getting closer to completion, albeit very slowly, designs and logos are flying about left right and centre, and finished artwork for the first run of T-shirts are popping up in my inbox. All that remains is to source a decent supplier for our blank clothing and bobs your uncle! For the time being the printing will be outsourced to other companies in very small runs while we continue to struggle to our feet, but keep watching this space for the first few items of finished product. Baby steps, baby steps. 

As things stand, we’re looking to produce runs of limited edition shirts based around a single theme. Currently we’re thinking about amimals, so the first range will be dedicated to fuzzy creatures of all kinds. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like fuzzy creatures? 

Speaking of fuzzy creatures, the artists involved with this first run so far include Mr Adam Gray, Mr Simon True, and unfortunately myself, though i hesitate to bandy the word “artist” around in the same sentence as my name.

Keep watching this space for more information, and possibly some pictures of the first designs coming up soon.

Here’s a picture of a fuzzy creature to keep you occupied while you wait:



Live in Black and White at the Golden Fleece, Nottingham…

Here’s a few pictures of what went on at the Golden fleece in Notts on Sunday just gone. My first real punt at taking part in a live drawing night, and things didn’t go too badly. I’ve got a hell of a long way to go yet though! 


Dedicated to Honeystyle and Wahagwaan and all who frequent them. Thanks for all the memories!

Dedicated to Honeystyle and Wahagwaan and all who frequent them. Thanks for all the memories!

The mighty Simon True…

Asia Pacific Centre for Neuronic Enhancement in Insects

Idle hands…

I’m going here, and you should too…

Idle hands in High Wycombe, October 01, 2009.

Visit their website for more information:

Idle Hands