BxOxTxC DxIxY diary…

right then, down to business. The studio is coming along nicely, as you can see below. We need to finish the internal walls and get it all painted within the next couple of weeks, then it’s time to build the printing equipment.

Esier said than done, what with the budget we’ve got to work with! Which brings me nicely to my next bit of news. In order to get some shirts out as soon as possible, our first design has just been sent to the printers! T-shirts will be available as soon as i get them, and details will be posted up here and on facebook. When you’ve seen the design, and if you dig it then leave me a comment on here and we’ll work out mailing and payment. Trust me, i think you’re going to like them. And at 15 quid a pop, we’re not making much of a profit. Just enough to get the car fixed really!


1 Response to “BxOxTxC DxIxY diary…”

  1. 1 valiantskipper October 1, 2009 at 12:51 pm

    BxOxTxC T Shirts = colours for the street beer drinking masses.

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