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Mysterious hand gash…

I’d like to start this post by apologizing to anyone i attempted to “converse” with last night at the Old Bell. I was in full cider fueled buffoon mode and having a thoroughly wonderful time, but i have the sneaking suspicion that anyone speaking to me was treated to a unique blend of scrumpy breath and garbled nonsense. Oh well, at least i managed to hand out a few fliers. Cheers to Andy for helping with that! Anyway, here’s a picture of Jamie wearing one of our shirts. Marvelous.

Poundaflesh and the U.K. subs played a blinder, of course, and i woke up with a mysterious inch long gash on my left palm and a strange sense of guilt.


Poundaflesh and U.K. subs at the Old Bell in Derby, Dec 3rd…

Poundalesh and the U.K. subs are playing tomorrow night at the old bell in Derby. It’s short notice i know, but if you can make it down you probably should. It’s an ideal opportunity to get pushed over by men with mohawks.

Image nicked from their facebook page.

Poundaflesh on facebook.

poundaflesh on myspace

And if you can’t make it tomorrow, perhaps you should consider a trip to sheffield this weekend. The line up is pretty damn good, to say the least.