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New BxOxTxC t-shirts available now…

O.K then, as promised many moons ago, here are the new shirt designs featuring art by Alex Johnson, Simon True, and Adam Gray:

Each design is available in Black/Ecru or Sky/Dark blue in sizes S, M, L, and XL. All designs are hand screened by Concede in Derby using waterbased inks on organic cotton T’s. We’re even so nice that if you drop us a line with any special requests for different colours, sizes or layouts, we’ll try and sort you out something custom made to suit your requirements.

Email to place an order

or contact Cherrybomb, 8 saddlergate, Derby, DE13NF

01332 601 829


DxIxY diary…

As the winter starts to close it’s icy grip over the country, the race to finish the studio is on. It’s so close to completion now that i can’t wait to just get it done and set up shop. It looks like we’ll be getting a lot of ink for Christmas!


the internal walls are nearly finished.

New shirts coming soon…

Firstly, a massive thank you to all the people who bought our first load of shirts! Much obliged to all of you. Your support is greatly appreciated and, lo-and-behold, we made our money back! No profit, of course, but to celebrate we are doing another twenty in grey. Not only that, but the first set of girls tops will be available soon too featuring artwork by the talented Mr. Adam “whispering” Gray. If you’ve not seen the stuff he does, keep your eyes peeled for an interview and some pictures here soon. Alternatively, you might just bump into him wandering around Nottingham with a mischievous glint in his eye, or see him drawing bears on the wall of your local pub. 

I’ll keep you posted and let you know when the shirts are ready, but if you are interested in ordering one now, just drop me a line.

new stuff for your back.

BxOxTxC T-shirts coming soon…

The first design, call it a taster if you will, will be out very soon! at the bargain price of fifteen quid, and featuring this charming image, you’d be a fool not to drop me a line and order one. Don’t worry, I’ll post a proper image of the finished thing on here as soon as possible so you can have a look. The finished product will be cream print on a chocolate t-shirt, and will look lovely. The t’s are made by continental, and we went for the slim fit option for all you skinny buggers out there. bxoxtxc opinion wolf

BxOxTxC DxIxY diary…

right then, down to business. The studio is coming along nicely, as you can see below. We need to finish the internal walls and get it all painted within the next couple of weeks, then it’s time to build the printing equipment.

Esier said than done, what with the budget we’ve got to work with! Which brings me nicely to my next bit of news. In order to get some shirts out as soon as possible, our first design has just been sent to the printers! T-shirts will be available as soon as i get them, and details will be posted up here and on facebook. When you’ve seen the design, and if you dig it then leave me a comment on here and we’ll work out mailing and payment. Trust me, i think you’re going to like them. And at 15 quid a pop, we’re not making much of a profit. Just enough to get the car fixed really!