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Bangers and Fash, Brownes, Nottingham, last monday…

Kind of a last minute thing, this, but fun none the less. 

Cheers to those involved for inviting me!

Check out this link for more information about the organisers:

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BxOxTxC T-shirts coming soon…

The first design, call it a taster if you will, will be out very soon! at the bargain price of fifteen quid, and featuring this charming image, you’d be a fool not to drop me a line and order one. Don’t worry, I’ll post a proper image of the finished thing on here as soon as possible so you can have a look. The finished product will be cream print on a chocolate t-shirt, and will look lovely. The t’s are made by continental, and we went for the slim fit option for all you skinny buggers out there. bxoxtxc opinion wolf