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Subism Jail party…

Click the link for some pictures from the recent subism jail party. Go on. It looks like the night was pretty unique, and by all accounts it went off! Another one i missed due to my retreat to Scotland! I’ll definately be at the next one though.

“Built in 1756, Derby’s reputedly haunted ‘Gaol’ housed some of the area’s most notorious villains and features prisoners’ original ‘graffiti’…names, dates and day markers etched into the cell doors, marking down how many days the prisoner had until execution.
The night will featured Subism’s artist collective and Subism Live resident DJ’s and special guests. People came and watched, danced or just drank and chill out in the Gaol’s cells. The Gaol doors were closed at 10.30pm for a lock-in until 2am. Get out of jail free cards where available on the night.
To avoid overcrowding, there was a limited number of 50 inmates that were granted access to the Gaol. This was a truly special unique Subism Live party!”


And while you’re at it, Sub Ink make some seriously good products for all you arty types out there. All made in the U.K. too, keeping you patriots happy!

Sub ink shop.


Drawing pictures keeps you warm…

DxIxY diary…

As the winter starts to close it’s icy grip over the country, the race to finish the studio is on. It’s so close to completion now that i can’t wait to just get it done and set up shop. It looks like we’ll be getting a lot of ink for Christmas!


the internal walls are nearly finished.

Bangers and Fash, Brownes, Nottingham, last monday…

Kind of a last minute thing, this, but fun none the less. 

Cheers to those involved for inviting me!

Check out this link for more information about the organisers:

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Live in Black and White at the Golden Fleece, Nottingham…

Here’s a few pictures of what went on at the Golden fleece in Notts on Sunday just gone. My first real punt at taking part in a live drawing night, and things didn’t go too badly. I’ve got a hell of a long way to go yet though! 


Dedicated to Honeystyle and Wahagwaan and all who frequent them. Thanks for all the memories!

Dedicated to Honeystyle and Wahagwaan and all who frequent them. Thanks for all the memories!