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New BxOxTxC t-shirts available now…

O.K then, as promised many moons ago, here are the new shirt designs featuring art by Alex Johnson, Simon True, and Adam Gray:

Each design is available in Black/Ecru or Sky/Dark blue in sizes S, M, L, and XL. All designs are hand screened by Concede in Derby using waterbased inks on organic cotton T’s. We’re even so nice that if you drop us a line with any special requests for different colours, sizes or layouts, we’ll try and sort you out something custom made to suit your requirements.

Email to place an order

or contact Cherrybomb, 8 saddlergate, Derby, DE13NF

01332 601 829



BxOxTxC stuff available from Lifetime tattoo, Derby, very soon…

Cheers to Jay and all the brilliant and talented lifetime people for letting us peddle our wares, and generally hang out, in their lovely shop. If you’re thinking of getting inked, i seriously recommend these people. The whole aim of beersonthecorner is to work with and promote artists, and lifetime is home to some of the most talented artist i know. I’m booked in for February myself. Sound! Check out their myspace for details of what they do.

Once again, cheers you lot.

Lifetime on Myspace

Limited edition “mushroom season” girls vests featuring art work by Adam Gray available now…

As autumn plods on, we are proud to showcase our first collaboration; this wonderful mushroom vest featuring art work by the equally wonderful Mr. Adam Grey. They’re printed on high quality cotton and are available in S(8-10) M(10-12) and L(12-14). You’ll be seeing a lot more of Adams work on the blog soon, along with an interview with the man himself. Get ’em while you can, there’s only twenty of them on earth.

Super limited edition grey opinion wolf shirts available now…

Finally! the second batch of Opinion wolf shirts are ready! They come in sizes XS-L, and are printed on high quality, fair trade cotton. There are only twenty of them in the world. Now thats limited edition! Check us out on EBAY or email me at bxoxtxc@gmail if you want one. Which i’m sure you do. You must do. Otherwise I’ll starve. You don’t want that kind of guilt on your hands now do you?

BxOxTxC enters the cut throat world of advertising…