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An interview with Simon True…

I first heard about Simon True when i was flicking through a skateboard magazine years ago and stumbled across an ad for Heroin Skateboards, featuring a board with some his graphics on it. I noticed the name at the bottom, but didn’t recognize it. A few years later the same name cropped up again when i was looking for a t-shirt on E-bay. I found a sick looking one with a cartoon of Bill Cosby on it. I didn’t buy the shirt in the end, but once again noted the name. A few more years passed and i found myself living in Yokohama city in Japan. I was looking for a place to display some drawings i was tinkering about with and, as i didn’t really know that many people out there at the time, i decided to contact Fos (the owner of Heroin Skateboards, who doesn’t know me from adam) via myspace to see if he could help. He couldn’t give me the name of anybody to talk to about sticking my pictures on a wall, but told me to look out for  someone called “the mighty Simon True” who apparently was living in the same city as me. It turned out he was also working for the same company as me, but our paths had yet to cross. Eventually, of course, they did and i was able to witness the genius of Mr True first hand. A man who skates how he wants, draws what he wants, and is a truly unique character.

So, presenting to you (or reminding you about), Mr Simon True:

BxOxTxC: Name, Age, Shoe size, Occupation?

Simon True: Simon John True, U.S.10.5, Headmistress

I had the dubious pleasure of working for the same company as you in Yokohama. How did you wind up living in Japan?

Started seeing a little Japanese lady while I was living in London. We lived in Camden Town together for a good bit and used to come out to Japan for a visit about once a year.

I couldn’t fault the concrete and the weather and the food here so I moved out. The missis stayed on in London for a while and joined me a few months later.

I know this is an obvious and slightly daft question, but can you give people an idea of what living in Japan is like?

There’s no central heating.

How would you best describe your art?

Shitty. Self indulging. Inexplainable. Washed up.

I’ve noticed a lot of optical illusions in your drawings and paintings. What’s that all about?

Well there’s no central heating here. So I’m always dreaming about radiators.. erm. Oh yeah!, I’m crap at Maths but when I was at school there were lots of MC Escher prints on the wall in the classroom where we did Maths, so I suppose that’s it. I used to like the one with the water flowing upwards. I used to have arguments with this nutter because he couldn’t see anything wrong or impossible about it.

Recently you seem to be doing a lot of paintings on photographs. Is it for an exhibition? Who takes the photos?

It’s for an exhibition in Tokyo this summer, if the gallery stays in business. The photographer is Akira Somekamera from Osaka. He’s the only real hardcore artist (Van Gogh lifestyle) I know. His photo’s are amazing. It sort of looks like everything he photographs is suspended in formaldahyde or however the hell you spell it.

Why is it that so many people know about your work despite you not having a website or blog like everybody else who’s ever drawn a picture?

I reckon Flickr is the best way to show artwork on the web.

I think people know my work from stuff I did with Slam City Skates in the late 90’s and the mag coverage of The Side Effects of Urethane and of course Heroin Skateboards. There’s probably other random sources but those are the main three I think.

Last one. What artists do you admire?

My friend Nick Lowndes who I went to uni with in Manchester, Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Pablo Picasso, Lee Quinones, Vincent Van Gogh, Neil Blender, Rocky May True, Sue Roy True and Scott Thomas.

Anything you’d like to add?

457,836,485.65 quid and 887,746,357,636.66 quid and put it in my Barclays.

No, really. I don’t want this interview to mislead people. The truth is that it sounds like I’m an artist and known and all that shit, but I’m in no way making a living from it. There’s no way I could support myself let alone my family on selling my paintings or graphics. I’ve got a few pikey jobs teaching English in a pikey(but good pikey) Junior High School and in pikey companies teaching business conversation English. That’s what I do. I’m not complaining though. I sort of like it because I’m under no pressure at all. I don’t have to paint or draw. I’ve kind of sacked it off anyway. I just feel like skating. Have you seen Stevie Williams’ penthouse in LA?

Bet you didn’t know he’s from Rochdale!

Cheers Simon, It’s been a pleasure.

Right then, that’s that. My first sketchly thrown together interview with an artist (though he claims he ain’t one.). Simon was kind enough to give me a few designs for T-shirts, which will go on sale at the Skullduggery Gallery opening tomorrow night in Derby. Check out the picture below for peep at his design, or google his name for some other rad stuff. If thats not enough, click the link below for his photostream on flickr.

Simon true on flickr

Heroin Skateboards


Blazepipe concrete…

The skateboard warriors at blazepipe in yokohama have just completed the latest addition to their under ground lair. Have a look:

Blazepipe concrete.

If you live in japan and want to skate here, it’s a little shop near Koganecho station on the keikyu line. It’s open from 12-12 and is home to my favorite miniramp on earth. get yourselves down there!

BxOxTxC enters the cut throat world of advertising…

Rootz in London…

Board artIf you’re in the area, i strongly suggest you check this out. Rootz will be doing some designs for BxOxTxC in the near future, so look out for that. They WILL be amazing. 

New shirts coming soon…

Firstly, a massive thank you to all the people who bought our first load of shirts! Much obliged to all of you. Your support is greatly appreciated and, lo-and-behold, we made our money back! No profit, of course, but to celebrate we are doing another twenty in grey. Not only that, but the first set of girls tops will be available soon too featuring artwork by the talented Mr. Adam “whispering” Gray. If you’ve not seen the stuff he does, keep your eyes peeled for an interview and some pictures here soon. Alternatively, you might just bump into him wandering around Nottingham with a mischievous glint in his eye, or see him drawing bears on the wall of your local pub. 

I’ll keep you posted and let you know when the shirts are ready, but if you are interested in ordering one now, just drop me a line.

new stuff for your back.

BxOxTxC T-shirts coming soon…

The first design, call it a taster if you will, will be out very soon! at the bargain price of fifteen quid, and featuring this charming image, you’d be a fool not to drop me a line and order one. Don’t worry, I’ll post a proper image of the finished thing on here as soon as possible so you can have a look. The finished product will be cream print on a chocolate t-shirt, and will look lovely. The t’s are made by continental, and we went for the slim fit option for all you skinny buggers out there. bxoxtxc opinion wolf

BxOxTxC DxIxY diary…

right then, down to business. The studio is coming along nicely, as you can see below. We need to finish the internal walls and get it all painted within the next couple of weeks, then it’s time to build the printing equipment.

Esier said than done, what with the budget we’ve got to work with! Which brings me nicely to my next bit of news. In order to get some shirts out as soon as possible, our first design has just been sent to the printers! T-shirts will be available as soon as i get them, and details will be posted up here and on facebook. When you’ve seen the design, and if you dig it then leave me a comment on here and we’ll work out mailing and payment. Trust me, i think you’re going to like them. And at 15 quid a pop, we’re not making much of a profit. Just enough to get the car fixed really!